Sunday, December 26, 2010

blizzards and wonderland

The first blizzard of the winter and its brutal...
Still it didnt stop me from running into the powder with my fur jacket on and spinning around so many times that i fell over and landed in a big mushroom cloud puff of snow. It sure did make my hangover feel better :)

Xmas was totally mental. Yet another xmas spent alone on the other side of the world away from my family...not much else to do then spend it with other "orphans". Needless to say the mission to get totally crazy and disappear into wonderland totally worked out. 
Once in wonderland, its hard not to reflect about the year past and its ups and many downs. Hope for a better 2011 where life works out the way my karma deserves. 

New Years resolutions which I never make but this year, I have made them and sworn to keep them. 

Then the snow started to fall...

walking home in the blizzard definitely hurt my cheeks with the cold. By the time I got back to my cosy warm apartment my legs were red with cold and it was not nice.

Here is what the snow looks like outside my bedroom window now 

Two common things said to me more and more as of late are: "your nuts" and "don't go too far into wonderland". 
I love my nuttiness and I love being a part of wonderland. So to all of you who are too scared to be that way, its your loss. 

And I will stay here and spin around as fast as I can until I can't see anymore

annie xx