Sunday, January 9, 2011


Dang this came around fast! It's amazing how much time speeds up as you get older. And in makes me feel old :( 

So far..let's see. Not too much change from where I was on the 31st december! I find it funny how everyone gets so excited on the 31st of december and makes resolutions etc and expects to wake up the next day and the world magically be a different place. 
Its kind of one of the reasons why I loathe new years. People are all so deluded into this notion that because the day is different, then life will be different without even trying. 

All I know, is that change is progressive. And nothing happens straight away. 

I have just moved into my new place. And I love it. I painted my room red and decked it out with fairy lights, and photographs and vintage records on the walls. It is my new york version of my red room back in Wellington, NZ. 

Work is same old same old. Just trying my hustle on to figure out a way to stay in the USA....because on top of not wanting to leave. I just can't be bothered!!! moving is such a hassle. And when you fly, you get all stinky and you have to carry stuff. And your skin gets so dry. Its just no good all round. 
Plus the leaving tears and the coming back "what are you gonna do now" questions. These are all things that I cannot be bothered dealing with again that's for sure. 

In other news. I have been a party maniac. And anyone who has known me closely knows that I tend to go on party binges every few months. That's me right now....hahahaa and I know a few people who will just be shaking their heads and laughing at me. No, I am not going to name names. 
But I know one of them did tell me last night, in great detail that I am "one of a kind" and definitely "crazy"

I would really know what defines a crazy person, and why people keep telling me that more and more. I guess to me, being free and expressive makes me crazy. God, I can't imagine how boring life would be if no one expressed themselves, if no one made art or music and if no one lived their lives how it should be lived. 

One day, I will chill with my 7 cats and think...(unless I have lost my mind by then) yeah girl. You know how it feels to have lived :)

annie xx

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