Sunday, October 31, 2010

dance like no ones watching

Okay so I had a crazy as week this week! Post work drama-OVER! glad its behind me. 
My beautiful girl star left my new york life this week which was sooo super sad, but she needs to go so im okay. And I am hoping on a trip to Tennessee to spend time with my angel at some point before the winter is over. 

Part 1:
Now for the best news....
I went to underworld with Michelle (her first electronic music gig-so cute) and we had the BEST time. A few bud lights, strobes, amazing sound quality, and the most eclectic mix of people I had ever seen. At one point I turned to my right there was this old as guy dancing sooo hard. He had white hair and ear plugs in-kinda defeats the purpose but whatever. Then to my left was this asian dude, then over again were a bunch of raver kids with glow sticks, then some goth looking people. It was awesome. Apart from the girl in front of me at one point who was getting pissed with people dancing so she kept elbowing everyone around was pretty sweet. I did get down for it. Bangs went back, skirt folded up like 4 times and managed to have the best dance with my bestie that I had in a long time. We like to dance...
Danced like no one is watching, and sparing a few thoughts for those who I have shared underworld moments with. 

I like how pictures at gigs are always so...."move-ish"

my awesome american flag scarf. I rock it any chance

soooooo excited
Part 2:


I love Halloween, thats all I have to say. The one time of the year where I can dress however I want and no one even blinks. 
I went as tank girl, and as some of you may know I have always wanted to be her...or at least take her as a part of the whole of me. I dont like to be too predictable, its boring. 

So Michelle, Desiree, Erica and I pre gamed at Mich's house. The pre game is always so much more fun innit. Mich was the hamburglar, Erica was Superman getting changed (LOLOL) and Desiree was the blue fairy. 

hahahaa. that was a great picture idea mich

ooooh so cheeky

lolol, she cracks me up everytime I see her!

annie xx

Monday, October 25, 2010


One of the greatest things I love about music is its ability to hold onto a memory. When you listen to the musical catalyst for that memory its like your reliving it. 

Today, on the train I HAD to listen to this song reminds me of my crazy time in London when I lived there. 
I worked at this super fun store part time between Vogue and GQ shoots, with a super fun Polish dude-party promoter and music lover, a Punk Rock band singer, a school teacher, a single mother, and an older lady with tattoos all over her chest who specialized in eyelash extensions. 
Winter was slowly starting to set in. The sun was starting to set at around 4 in the afternoon, and I was wearing my fur coat on a daily basis. One night the Polish music lover and I were alone at work. He came upstairs to the stereo and played this......

God I love that album. Wicked album....awesome lyrics. These in particular resonate...

I've got to stand and fight
In this creation
Vanity I know
Can't guide I alone
I'm searching to find
A love that lasts all time
I've just got to find
Peace and unity
We both agreed that it was one of the best albums that we had heard, like ever. Then shared a bottle of vodka. Then went to a rave. It was awesome! 

Fun times I have had. Interesting people I have met. Lovely experiences. Hard times. Best of times. But damn, I have done a shit tonne of stuff! No wonder Im starting to go grey now :( 
But its all good, I have earned these grey hairs and Im kinda fond of them. I call them lois and phyllis and they are my pookie pooks. 

Are you one of those people who has soooo many memory songs that everytime one comes on your all "aww shit this is MY song, my jammy jam!" and apparently every second song is your jam. Then people are all like, shut up dude...every song is your song!
Ha well Im not like that. Id probably say that about a dozen songs do that for me. And when I hear them on my ipod, I like to close my eyes behind my KW eyewear, turn the volume way up on my Ricky Powell's and let the music tickle my ear lobes and once again live my memories, as I head onto my future. 

annie xx

Saturday, October 23, 2010

raining and pouring

SO you know the feeling when sometimes things compile all at once, and just seem to happen in clusters? Where everything bad happens one after another and it goes UP like a mushroom cloud? And what is left in the debris is first its scary and then after the dust settles you kind of understand why it had to happen that way. 

Well, after my big move to the big apple, I guess I have become accustomed to change and how quickly it happens here. 
Everything can change in a minute and that minute feels like a second. 

Some things I suppose have done a huge and drastic shift once again with work, love and life in general. 
And I guess im in that uncertain stage where I feel the change happening around me..but am unsure of what the settled down dust will look like. 
A lot of negativity in addition to the wonder that is the shift that has happened. But I know that harnessing yourself and walking with love is all that can one can do. 

I was g chatting with my old roomate today and he was all "so what have you been up to?" Honestly, I feel as if all I have done is work and go to open bars and happy hours! he said this to me....

No time to smell the roses. There is a old Chinese saying that goes something like this "When all you are doing is running, take time to stop and look at the clouds".

Funnily enough, I said to him that as I was on my cell phone in Soho today; there was a white balloon flying higher and higher between the buildings. The way the light hit it was so beautiful, and that was a moment where I guess I took time to stop and look at the heavens/smell the roses/look at the clouds and all those cliche's which pretty much mean: slow the hell down!

So another day gone. 27 days until Paris. As I continue to walk through life taking each step with nothing but love

annie xx

Saturday, October 16, 2010


So for those of you who dont know what that means. Its the Greek god of love. 

I remember reading Greek mythology in high school but most of the time, I was just so pissed off about being at school and wearing a uniform that I didn't really want to register information coming into my brain. I wanted to do everything in my own time, just because I'm a little shit that way. 

Anyway, back on topic. I was in my roommates room the other night looking for nail polish remover and found a copy of Plato's book, "Symposium" and it got me thinking about the concept of love.
Now as you all know, I preach the words "art, music and love" as the meaning of life. But there is nothing wrong with exploring each of these notions deeper. 

 I definitely think that everything in life should be stemmed from love. As love is created by a multitude of aspects such as respect, peace and humility. You should speak to people with love. Treat them in a lovely way. Be kind, be humble and always do everything with love. 
Now that encompasses two points. First of all, there are a lot of people who treat you like shit. Plain and simple. They have no respect, they act out of selfishness, speak ill of you when you aren't around, and pretty much act in the opposite way to love. 
These people annoy me. Dont like them, I dont have any time for them. However, I will be lovely to them just cos. In order for me to practise my philosophy I have to adopt these actions!

Also, when it comes to art and music. Well that is a love affair. A lovely place for me to be. It feels lovely to make art, look at art, touch art, feel art, listen to art...etc etc etc.
Art is an expression of love, and should always be done because you love it. 

Been checking out music videos and taking screen shots of interesting compositions...this was one that I came across when checking out all the posted links from people on facebook..tbh I forget whose it was and what song it was. I do have a feeling it was electronic, so if any of you know can you remind me?? Cos my short term memory is rubbish :(

Im totally in love with the quality of these images. The movement, the expression, the desaturation and the "mystical" way in which they feel.

LOVE is everything and all there is. (thanks john and yoko) 

annie xx

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


who is into numerology? Signs? Symbols? And dreams out there? 

I am. 
If you have read the alchemist, it surely has changed your life. 
I think I read that book when I was about 16 years old, as a geeky girl in high school with not a clue in the world about where life would lead me. I used to feel self conscious even saying hello to people and wanted to crawl into the ground even getting on the school bus by myself! hahaha, what a geek. 

Now I look at the past ten years of my life. I have lived by myself in 3 major cities in the world outside of new zealand. I have traveled the world and I have stayed true to my dream simply by following the signs that show themselves to me. And I have let myself be taken on the journey that has presented itself to me. 
Somehow I have ended up back in New York for the second time. 

This week marks the beginning of a new chapter. The lead up to the end of the week dated 10.10.10 was one of where everything came to a head for me professionally. And all the while it was stressful, I kinda knew why it was happening. 
I used to look at work stress and when things fell apart as grounds for sadness, but now I look at it as fates way of making space for something else. 
And that is what has happened....

Today I have had to make a HUGE decision as to the next step that I shall take. Two opportunities. Both fantastic although one more amazing, but at the compromise of my happiness and a wee bit of sanity, which lets face it- there isnt much left of that with me anyhow. 

Come to the conclusion that I had to remember WHY I came back to new york. As a girl who shoots for the dreamiest of dreams, I have decided to push myself as hard as I can go and experience how steep the mountain really gets right before you reach the top. 

Sacrifice everything for the dream, for art and for the stars. 

annie xx

Monday, October 11, 2010


I have a friend called star. 
She is amazing, and I don't say that lightly. 

This girl has literally changed my life and perspective on everything. She is the most spiritual, accepting and beautiful girl I have met in a very very long time. 
Every now and then, as a girl misunderstood; I meet someone who makes up for all the people who never really got it. And this girl is one of them. 

Im lucky that I dont need screeds of people in tune with my brain patterns and who I am. Just one every now and again. Like little diamonds in a dark sky and the light is so pure and bright that it makes up for all the absence between. 

She came into my life for a season and changed it in the most beautiful way. And she is leaving to move to Paris. My beautiful Jesus freak who is a couture fashion designer. 
And one day, when I marry my partner in crime SHE will design my wedding dress!!! 

I am tres sad that she is leaving, but feel very blessed for having known her.

I love you girl xx

Sunday, October 10, 2010

for the sake

Maybe, Im just writing this post for the sake of it. To let you all know that even though I havent posted in like a week. I still love you all :) 

Soooooo much is happening in my life right now with work, travel, friends, spirituality etc etc. 

My bestie told me that Im on a spiritual journey and I guess he was right. Im very aware of the truth in any situation more so than ever now, with an astute ability to know exactly what is happening even without being told and even when Im told the untruth. 
Not so much psychic, dont get me wrong. But instinctive. 

So thats enough of that, I choose to keep this one semi to myself.

I can however tell you that the season's have changed and new things are upon us. Underworld is playing live in new york city on the 28th (dying with excitement). Im going to Paris to spend time with a bestie. Im working out and feng shui-ing my work schedule so I can really focus and do my photography properly. Also so I can see my friends and have fun fun fun to forget about the seriousness that I place on myself and my life. 

All I can say is right now....Im looking forward to my vacation in Paris. I really think I need it, especially after the year that I have had, that is NOT over yet

Get it girl 

annie xx

Sunday, October 3, 2010

sleeplessness, unicorns and paris

It has become a very common occurence for me to face plant the floor in my breaks at work and fall into an hour long coma. Reason being I. AM. SO.FRICKEN.TIRED!!

Why do I have this overwhelming desire to work work work?? No big deal though because I have "goals" in mind and I know all this work leads to somewhere.

I met the minds behind lime crime make up at Irregular choice one day at work and to be honest...(this is kinda bad), but I didnt know who they were or much about the brand at all!!
However, one thing leads to another-business cards exchanged and this week I finally got my ass into gear and emailed them.
Blah blah blah, long story short. Awesome meeting with them and now im shooting the promotional material for their new product. Its an eyeshadow primer called "candy girl" primer.

To many of you, this may not sound exciting, but let me explain to you WHY this is awesome.

Lime crime is a brand that uses the idea of creating a "world" around the make up and injecting color and fantasy into the world. And I live my life in fantasy so what a great team we will make.

Their company logo is the unicorn and our store has a giant unicorn in the centre...Without revealing too much, the shoot is gonna involve the unicorn, oversized candy and oversized hair.

Im going to be working with some brilliant minds and the creative explosion is going to be huge.
I love fairytales.

Lets just say, Im tres excited :)

And what's this about Paris you ask???

I'm going to Paris in November for a vacation, as i think I need it. PLUS PLUS one of my favorite people in the world is there so Im going to go chill with him. Drink French wine, eat French food and be the bestest kiwi trash kid duo in the whole city.

I love it when the seasons change...although all this excitement makes me stay up all night, then stay sleepy all day :(

annie xx