Tuesday, November 30, 2010


so yes...im in paris. And I haven't posted in a very long time.

But you know how it is wrapping up loose ends before you travel. With 11 hour work days, extra curricular activities, teamed with the intensity of being fabulous 24/7. 
It's tough.

I needed this vacation very badly. Mostly because I thought that it would let me check off all the things that needed to happen for me. 
Drink lots. Sleep lots. Eat lots of cured meat. See lots of churches and beautiful architecture. Buy some crazy clothes. Spend time with boo. See the snow. See Jim Morrison's grave. Dress up every day. And figure out my next step in New York. 
Well, I have pretty much done all of that except for the whole "next step" thing. I know its kind of a big one, pretty important...
I guess, with all the uncertainty with my visas, jobs etc it will do that to you. And by that, I mean swim around and around in your head to the point where you just think F$$$ it. Either have a beer and forget it, or do something about it tomorrow...And let time run it's course. Which I suppose is what I have to let happen, although patience is not my strong suite..

So I guess, watch this space right?

In other news, my long time baby cakes Vernon came out from London to Paris to visit for a few days. His arrival, and mine was what started a 2 day drinkathon where we all ended up feeling pretty vulnerable and worse for wear. 
Had loads of fun and loads of laughs. It was amazing to see one of my best friends after so long. As well as seeing Marc too. All too much. 

What's a girl to do other than drink 3 bottles of wine before midday on day 1 in Paris?

Evidence from Verny's iphone.............

I have more on my camera, but all that "organizing" business will happen when reality sets in. POOP

Last day in Paris today. To the Basquait exhibition, Notre Dame, and espresso martini 

annie xx

Thursday, November 18, 2010


So, you know that feeling when all of a sudden something that has been frustrating you finally becomes clear???

You see things for how they really are and not the fantasy in your mind. And its kind of okay...
Its called life Feng Shui. Change..

Fall in new york, as you know. 
Paris next week. 
New apartment soon. 
New jobs coming up..

All of that good stuff. 

Which leads me to my next point. THIS website is so accurate for day to day shit, even though I dont really live my life by it. Star signs and the spiritual realm has definitely been something that I have grown up with. Thanks to my mama. Aka the big stevie nicks who passed the stevie batton onto me when she handed me down her black velvet jacket and thigh high boots. 

You are in a testy, contentious frame of mind, so much so that it might seem as if every single thing others say and do is inherently irritating. When in this state, it is important to try to hold yourself back from rash accusations and other behavior that you are likely later to regret, but that, of course, is more easily said than done.

hahahah. As anyone who knows me well enough knows... I have a temper and am a very feisty wee girl. Today was no exception. 2 nights of no sleep, a huge day at work...too much to do, too much responsiblity...and the plague of a bit of a mistake that I made last night. 

However, I guess it is all a matter of perception. Mistakes are only bad if you dont learn from them, and this one has given me a total new perspective on my situation. 
Now I have moved my heart and mind away from the past and can see exactly where they are both heading.

When I was little, I used to imagine my life as a grown up. In a place where the leaves turned golden..This song has been stuck in my head all day, probably because I loved it during the time I used to hang out in my bedroom by myself with my super thick fringe and crazy long hair, playing with my barbie dolls...wow nothing has changed really!!!

Or maybe its just me being nostalgic, as you do around fall :(

So listen. Look and I will update before Paris and definitely after Paris!!! wooooo 4 days 

annie xx


Wednesday, November 10, 2010


When I see something that resonates, I become obsessed. And that means that I have to let the inspiration spill into my work. 
That current obsession is the new Kayne West film "Runaway".  Despite the controversy behind that dude and what he gets up to, I have to say...he is fricken talented. 

My boy Chris came over the other night with this film and we watched it over a tall boy of coors light. I was like, ummmmm dont talk to me cos this rules! 
I have another shoot coming up and I am gonna try and implement this inspiration into it. My clients appear to be into the whole idea so that's good......And if that doesnt work out, then its defo another personal work. 

Im so obsessed with the art direction of this movie. The compositions, the grade, angles...everything. oh love love love love love it 
Have a look at these screen grabs from the movie and you will see why I love it so :)

Oh and in other news, to commemorate my 5 month anniversary of new york and me I bought myself a little gift 

Yes that's right, its an american flag fanny pack! You would think that I would be ashamed of being so unbelievably tacky, but im not. I live for sequins and crazy clothes!.
One day I will be one of those old fabulous ladies who rolls around with bat wing glasses, a long coat and smoking out of a pipe.
I will have an iguana, and cats named after the 7 dwarves. In my house full of mahogany wood and a library full of art books and a room full of shoes. With a wardrobe that is so bad ass, you would think its a costume cave!

But today, let me tell you about my epic fail! I went to the gym to get my seratonin going and when I got there I realized that I forgot one of my shoes at home :( i was sooo sad! I felt like such a tool. So I had a steam and a really nice shower, but still was pissed that I didnt get to spin, because if i dont spin at least twice a week, I get all "iffy"
Not to mention being absolutely exhausted right now because of lack of gym love, and the fact I didn't sleep last night much at all....So Im kinda wired :(

I just wish I could get to sleep right now. But I know I would be up all night. Plus I have work to do, so I may just lay here and look at pretty pictures and do neither! wooorrrrd

annie xx

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Okay, so as you know. My personality is pretty extreme. 

However, I like to think that with the onset of my grey hairs, I have become way more mellow in my old age. And it's totally true. 
I very rarely get annoyed. At most my tone of voice will be kinda bitchy, but it is part of my mystery and ability to be totally blunt in order to get things done. 

There is this situation that is annoying the hell out of me! 
One person in my life, who is so annoying...I swear I could slap him with a 2 month old frozen fish. I passionately dislike (because Kate told me that hate is too stronger word to use) his voice, his walk, his face...everything. And unfortuately I have to see him until I can erradicate him from my monkey sphere. 
Its annoying me to say the least. 

I get that I have a very strong personality so I'm a you love me or hate me kind of girl, but most people love me cos Im awesome. Sometimes people get pissy because if I don't like you, then you are the first person to know and then more often than not. People turn into hating me and human nature somehow means that they end up taking every frustration and personal issue that they have out on me. 

This is also annoying! 

So in a nutshell, I am annoyed right now. I just want to flail around and scream bleeeehhhhh until the frustration of stupidity and lame ass people is out of my system. 

Which is why life feng shui is imperative asapity. 

Oh and in other news, Winter has totally set in. Which would be exciting me except my winter wardrobe has not arrived after being shipped and it is now 2 months late. Im freezing my ass off. And I am annoyed about that too......:(((((

However, thanks to my lovely old work colleague the new issue of Le Black Book is out now with none other than a NYC street style feature from yours truly. yay

link for you to have a lookie cookie http://www.leblackbook.com.au/collections/le-magazine

Or a quick preview right here...

I have another shoot in ONE WEEK for Lime Crime Make up so you will see those results asap also. 

Other than that....focus on Paris in 15 days! Bam bam, how you like me now?....

annie xx