Tuesday, November 30, 2010


so yes...im in paris. And I haven't posted in a very long time.

But you know how it is wrapping up loose ends before you travel. With 11 hour work days, extra curricular activities, teamed with the intensity of being fabulous 24/7. 
It's tough.

I needed this vacation very badly. Mostly because I thought that it would let me check off all the things that needed to happen for me. 
Drink lots. Sleep lots. Eat lots of cured meat. See lots of churches and beautiful architecture. Buy some crazy clothes. Spend time with boo. See the snow. See Jim Morrison's grave. Dress up every day. And figure out my next step in New York. 
Well, I have pretty much done all of that except for the whole "next step" thing. I know its kind of a big one, pretty important...
I guess, with all the uncertainty with my visas, jobs etc it will do that to you. And by that, I mean swim around and around in your head to the point where you just think F$$$ it. Either have a beer and forget it, or do something about it tomorrow...And let time run it's course. Which I suppose is what I have to let happen, although patience is not my strong suite..

So I guess, watch this space right?

In other news, my long time baby cakes Vernon came out from London to Paris to visit for a few days. His arrival, and mine was what started a 2 day drinkathon where we all ended up feeling pretty vulnerable and worse for wear. 
Had loads of fun and loads of laughs. It was amazing to see one of my best friends after so long. As well as seeing Marc too. All too much. 

What's a girl to do other than drink 3 bottles of wine before midday on day 1 in Paris?

Evidence from Verny's iphone.............

I have more on my camera, but all that "organizing" business will happen when reality sets in. POOP

Last day in Paris today. To the Basquait exhibition, Notre Dame, and espresso martini 

annie xx

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