Sunday, November 7, 2010


Okay, so as you know. My personality is pretty extreme. 

However, I like to think that with the onset of my grey hairs, I have become way more mellow in my old age. And it's totally true. 
I very rarely get annoyed. At most my tone of voice will be kinda bitchy, but it is part of my mystery and ability to be totally blunt in order to get things done. 

There is this situation that is annoying the hell out of me! 
One person in my life, who is so annoying...I swear I could slap him with a 2 month old frozen fish. I passionately dislike (because Kate told me that hate is too stronger word to use) his voice, his walk, his face...everything. And unfortuately I have to see him until I can erradicate him from my monkey sphere. 
Its annoying me to say the least. 

I get that I have a very strong personality so I'm a you love me or hate me kind of girl, but most people love me cos Im awesome. Sometimes people get pissy because if I don't like you, then you are the first person to know and then more often than not. People turn into hating me and human nature somehow means that they end up taking every frustration and personal issue that they have out on me. 

This is also annoying! 

So in a nutshell, I am annoyed right now. I just want to flail around and scream bleeeehhhhh until the frustration of stupidity and lame ass people is out of my system. 

Which is why life feng shui is imperative asapity. 

Oh and in other news, Winter has totally set in. Which would be exciting me except my winter wardrobe has not arrived after being shipped and it is now 2 months late. Im freezing my ass off. And I am annoyed about that too......:(((((

However, thanks to my lovely old work colleague the new issue of Le Black Book is out now with none other than a NYC street style feature from yours truly. yay

link for you to have a lookie cookie

Or a quick preview right here...

I have another shoot in ONE WEEK for Lime Crime Make up so you will see those results asap also. 

Other than that....focus on Paris in 15 days! Bam bam, how you like me now?....

annie xx

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