Wednesday, November 10, 2010


When I see something that resonates, I become obsessed. And that means that I have to let the inspiration spill into my work. 
That current obsession is the new Kayne West film "Runaway".  Despite the controversy behind that dude and what he gets up to, I have to say...he is fricken talented. 

My boy Chris came over the other night with this film and we watched it over a tall boy of coors light. I was like, ummmmm dont talk to me cos this rules! 
I have another shoot coming up and I am gonna try and implement this inspiration into it. My clients appear to be into the whole idea so that's good......And if that doesnt work out, then its defo another personal work. 

Im so obsessed with the art direction of this movie. The compositions, the grade, angles...everything. oh love love love love love it 
Have a look at these screen grabs from the movie and you will see why I love it so :)

Oh and in other news, to commemorate my 5 month anniversary of new york and me I bought myself a little gift 

Yes that's right, its an american flag fanny pack! You would think that I would be ashamed of being so unbelievably tacky, but im not. I live for sequins and crazy clothes!.
One day I will be one of those old fabulous ladies who rolls around with bat wing glasses, a long coat and smoking out of a pipe.
I will have an iguana, and cats named after the 7 dwarves. In my house full of mahogany wood and a library full of art books and a room full of shoes. With a wardrobe that is so bad ass, you would think its a costume cave!

But today, let me tell you about my epic fail! I went to the gym to get my seratonin going and when I got there I realized that I forgot one of my shoes at home :( i was sooo sad! I felt like such a tool. So I had a steam and a really nice shower, but still was pissed that I didnt get to spin, because if i dont spin at least twice a week, I get all "iffy"
Not to mention being absolutely exhausted right now because of lack of gym love, and the fact I didn't sleep last night much at all....So Im kinda wired :(

I just wish I could get to sleep right now. But I know I would be up all night. Plus I have work to do, so I may just lay here and look at pretty pictures and do neither! wooorrrrd

annie xx

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