Friday, September 10, 2010


new york city....and can I say. BEST night ive had in new york for a hell of a long time. or maybe since last time i ventured out...

Hows this? 3 hours sleep last night (dont know why) work all day in a pair of 6 inch cherry red leather heels. Crowds of people EVERYWHERE in soho. and free drinks at all the most fabulous stores, including ours. naturally..

So Goldie and I had our break together tonight and laughed and laughed cos we were so delerious with exhaustion...and took pictures of ourselves. We dressed pretty much the same as we usually do.but cos it was FNO it seemed a bit more fun and fab

I will post more of the night soon. 
But in the mean time...get your peepers onto these :) 

THIS is my fall look.except the barefeets which I will replace with bright red vivienne westwood shoes. Oh and maybe a touch of lipstick. Well actually OF COURSE lipstiick!!!
ps. I know you ALL love it how I keep posting pictures of myself! lol 

love you xx

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