Wednesday, September 1, 2010

living dreams

So I talk to my friend Kate Edson every single day about totally random stuff. I always look forward to our little chats about life, love, heartache, depression, frustration, and stupid jokes about poo and stuff

Today we talked again about something random and somehow we were both like, oh yeah its in my life plan to win lotto. I told her if that happened I would travel forever and take pictures....but the thing is, I quickly realised that I have been doing that since I finished studying and most likely will continue to do it. 
In a sense, Im definitely living my dream. 

Having only just come to this realisation, I must say its  a nice mind set to be in :)

I was gonna post 2 sets of images in this blog:

The first set is of me and my friends the last time I went out proper out of control high school drunk drinking....ending in  pizza and emotional overload. (has to be done, but now i prefer to laugh the entire night and not get sad about unfulfilled expectations and disappointment etc etc)

These people are amongst some of my favorite IN THE WORLD! And I get to see them all the time now yeeeeoooowww

Here you go......

So the second set is really me and my perspective of some random things since I have been here....Leaning towards a new series of work. 
Im quite into how cinematic and voyeuristic they seem. I just love looking at people and their behavior in this colourful city. Especially in the subway. 
Have also been having a lot of religious conversations with someone I work with as she is very passionate about Christianity. Im super interested in the concept of palms facing up, it represents taking in the lord and all that is good. Palms down is the devil.

Food for thought for this little kiwi photo girl living a life in concept....


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