Sunday, September 26, 2010


this is a blog about my family who i love and miss a lot today!
had a dream about my mama and brother stevie last night and there was a new batman movie on that we were going to, which is something that we would probably all do together cos we are geeky that way!

It made me sad to realise that although im super stoked to be back here....a part of me will miss home very dearly and be a little frustrated that there is nothing in my being that can be there right now. 

Maybe one day if I was fortunate enough to complete the 3 most important things in my life and find love and that may lead to a family....who knows what life will bring?

BUT in other news I had a crazy experience the other night. 

There is a girl I work with called Star and she is very very much in love with God. So me being me, we have all sorts of deep and intense conversations about Jesus and spirituality. 
She is involved with a group of people who have a weekly catch up where they worship the goodness of god, and pray for people that they feel compelled to pray for. 
I know a lot of people kind of judge Christians and all this. But in my eyes, an expression of love is just that and it isnt a bad thing and it doesnt matter where it comes from. As long as it is good. 

Anyway, so they prayed for me. They wanted to. And it was really beautiful to hear these people who had no idea talk to me in such a loving way. They also spoke of what I believed and had no idea of who  I was and what I loved. They told me about my photography amongst other things. (Its maybe on the side of a bit too personal for internet! lol) BUT it was a great experience and I am glad that I was  open to receiving that kind of good energy. 

They also prayed for my there you go guys. The Jesus freaks send their love too :)

annie out xx

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