Sunday, September 19, 2010

pride, love and God

I love America. 

For those of you who have never been here...they love their country too. 
There are so many american flags everywhere. People saying god bless america and so on and so forth. 

And everyone who knows me, knows how much I love to wear american flag paraphernalia also. At this point in time I am rocking an american flag patent and sequin bag, an american flag coin purse and an american flag scarf around my left biker boot circa inspiration "breakfast club" one of the greatest 80's movies of all time. 
So anyway, I took some pictures on my way out to jersey one day of all this american flag "business"

I had a talk with my coworker one day about religion and belief, God and spirituality etc etc. I love that jesus freak. 
She sent me a prayer meditation link and I fell asleep to it that night. I pretty much floated to work the next day feeling like there was a definite shift in my life.
I saw this guy outside the subway in Fulton Park, just palms up to an american flag. And we all know what palms up symbolizes in religion.
It was a beautiful thing to see, someones faith and love in everything that he believed. And to see him absorbing it all in. Maybe he was crazy, but in a city like this everyone is. 

Today I am going to beacons closet (my fave vintage store in the whole wide world) with my dear friend chris. I call him chrispy treat cos they are sweet and he is literally the sweetest person in the world and I cant help but smile when I am around him. 

So having said all that about america. Dont get me wrong, I love NZ and I love the fact that I am from there.
I was actually a little homesick this week (I know words you never thought you would hear me say)
I guess I had an emotional start to the week and craved homely comforts and cuddles from my familiar loved ones. 
But its all good now and I am looking forward to visiting NZ. But sorry team, the situation still stands. Im just a bit too happy in this country to ever imagine moving home in the near future. 

Still love you though xx

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