Sunday, September 12, 2010


I totally promised more pictures of the night. So here is my perspective as I was taking pictures for the Irregular Choice blog. Somehow pics for my blog ended up in the mix. 
I guess the way I photograph for myself is different than for other people. Im not interested in the glamour and masks that the fashionistas put up. I want people as they are. And instead of storefronts being flooded with people, I choose absence and surreal lighting....evidentally, this has lead me to the decision of my next lighting concept for the next installment of personal art. 

But having said all that. I still LOVE fashion and LOVE everything about it, almost.

I wish I could live my life only working on art and have that as my day maybe 

my fave customer and future burning man buddy

co worker Hope and a boy named Chance...
i love the light outside with the blues....

i love this girl 
as usual, I end up hanging with the only kids at a fashion party rocking sneakers! cos they were MY friends
another awesome customer friend. The CEO of limecrime make up. this chick rules!!!

 love xx

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