Sunday, October 31, 2010

dance like no ones watching

Okay so I had a crazy as week this week! Post work drama-OVER! glad its behind me. 
My beautiful girl star left my new york life this week which was sooo super sad, but she needs to go so im okay. And I am hoping on a trip to Tennessee to spend time with my angel at some point before the winter is over. 

Part 1:
Now for the best news....
I went to underworld with Michelle (her first electronic music gig-so cute) and we had the BEST time. A few bud lights, strobes, amazing sound quality, and the most eclectic mix of people I had ever seen. At one point I turned to my right there was this old as guy dancing sooo hard. He had white hair and ear plugs in-kinda defeats the purpose but whatever. Then to my left was this asian dude, then over again were a bunch of raver kids with glow sticks, then some goth looking people. It was awesome. Apart from the girl in front of me at one point who was getting pissed with people dancing so she kept elbowing everyone around was pretty sweet. I did get down for it. Bangs went back, skirt folded up like 4 times and managed to have the best dance with my bestie that I had in a long time. We like to dance...
Danced like no one is watching, and sparing a few thoughts for those who I have shared underworld moments with. 

I like how pictures at gigs are always so...."move-ish"

my awesome american flag scarf. I rock it any chance

soooooo excited
Part 2:


I love Halloween, thats all I have to say. The one time of the year where I can dress however I want and no one even blinks. 
I went as tank girl, and as some of you may know I have always wanted to be her...or at least take her as a part of the whole of me. I dont like to be too predictable, its boring. 

So Michelle, Desiree, Erica and I pre gamed at Mich's house. The pre game is always so much more fun innit. Mich was the hamburglar, Erica was Superman getting changed (LOLOL) and Desiree was the blue fairy. 

hahahaa. that was a great picture idea mich

ooooh so cheeky

lolol, she cracks me up everytime I see her!

annie xx

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