Tuesday, October 12, 2010


who is into numerology? Signs? Symbols? And dreams out there? 

I am. 
If you have read the alchemist, it surely has changed your life. 
I think I read that book when I was about 16 years old, as a geeky girl in high school with not a clue in the world about where life would lead me. I used to feel self conscious even saying hello to people and wanted to crawl into the ground even getting on the school bus by myself! hahaha, what a geek. 

Now I look at the past ten years of my life. I have lived by myself in 3 major cities in the world outside of new zealand. I have traveled the world and I have stayed true to my dream simply by following the signs that show themselves to me. And I have let myself be taken on the journey that has presented itself to me. 
Somehow I have ended up back in New York for the second time. 

This week marks the beginning of a new chapter. The lead up to the end of the week dated 10.10.10 was one of where everything came to a head for me professionally. And all the while it was stressful, I kinda knew why it was happening. 
I used to look at work stress and when things fell apart as grounds for sadness, but now I look at it as fates way of making space for something else. 
And that is what has happened....

Today I have had to make a HUGE decision as to the next step that I shall take. Two opportunities. Both fantastic although one more amazing, but at the compromise of my happiness and a wee bit of sanity, which lets face it- there isnt much left of that with me anyhow. 

Come to the conclusion that I had to remember WHY I came back to new york. As a girl who shoots for the dreamiest of dreams, I have decided to push myself as hard as I can go and experience how steep the mountain really gets right before you reach the top. 

Sacrifice everything for the dream, for art and for the stars. 

annie xx

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