Saturday, October 16, 2010


So for those of you who dont know what that means. Its the Greek god of love. 

I remember reading Greek mythology in high school but most of the time, I was just so pissed off about being at school and wearing a uniform that I didn't really want to register information coming into my brain. I wanted to do everything in my own time, just because I'm a little shit that way. 

Anyway, back on topic. I was in my roommates room the other night looking for nail polish remover and found a copy of Plato's book, "Symposium" and it got me thinking about the concept of love.
Now as you all know, I preach the words "art, music and love" as the meaning of life. But there is nothing wrong with exploring each of these notions deeper. 

 I definitely think that everything in life should be stemmed from love. As love is created by a multitude of aspects such as respect, peace and humility. You should speak to people with love. Treat them in a lovely way. Be kind, be humble and always do everything with love. 
Now that encompasses two points. First of all, there are a lot of people who treat you like shit. Plain and simple. They have no respect, they act out of selfishness, speak ill of you when you aren't around, and pretty much act in the opposite way to love. 
These people annoy me. Dont like them, I dont have any time for them. However, I will be lovely to them just cos. In order for me to practise my philosophy I have to adopt these actions!

Also, when it comes to art and music. Well that is a love affair. A lovely place for me to be. It feels lovely to make art, look at art, touch art, feel art, listen to art...etc etc etc.
Art is an expression of love, and should always be done because you love it. 

Been checking out music videos and taking screen shots of interesting compositions...this was one that I came across when checking out all the posted links from people on facebook..tbh I forget whose it was and what song it was. I do have a feeling it was electronic, so if any of you know can you remind me?? Cos my short term memory is rubbish :(

Im totally in love with the quality of these images. The movement, the expression, the desaturation and the "mystical" way in which they feel.

LOVE is everything and all there is. (thanks john and yoko) 

annie xx

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