Sunday, October 10, 2010

for the sake

Maybe, Im just writing this post for the sake of it. To let you all know that even though I havent posted in like a week. I still love you all :) 

Soooooo much is happening in my life right now with work, travel, friends, spirituality etc etc. 

My bestie told me that Im on a spiritual journey and I guess he was right. Im very aware of the truth in any situation more so than ever now, with an astute ability to know exactly what is happening even without being told and even when Im told the untruth. 
Not so much psychic, dont get me wrong. But instinctive. 

So thats enough of that, I choose to keep this one semi to myself.

I can however tell you that the season's have changed and new things are upon us. Underworld is playing live in new york city on the 28th (dying with excitement). Im going to Paris to spend time with a bestie. Im working out and feng shui-ing my work schedule so I can really focus and do my photography properly. Also so I can see my friends and have fun fun fun to forget about the seriousness that I place on myself and my life. 

All I can say is right now....Im looking forward to my vacation in Paris. I really think I need it, especially after the year that I have had, that is NOT over yet

Get it girl 

annie xx

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