Saturday, October 23, 2010

raining and pouring

SO you know the feeling when sometimes things compile all at once, and just seem to happen in clusters? Where everything bad happens one after another and it goes UP like a mushroom cloud? And what is left in the debris is first its scary and then after the dust settles you kind of understand why it had to happen that way. 

Well, after my big move to the big apple, I guess I have become accustomed to change and how quickly it happens here. 
Everything can change in a minute and that minute feels like a second. 

Some things I suppose have done a huge and drastic shift once again with work, love and life in general. 
And I guess im in that uncertain stage where I feel the change happening around me..but am unsure of what the settled down dust will look like. 
A lot of negativity in addition to the wonder that is the shift that has happened. But I know that harnessing yourself and walking with love is all that can one can do. 

I was g chatting with my old roomate today and he was all "so what have you been up to?" Honestly, I feel as if all I have done is work and go to open bars and happy hours! he said this to me....

No time to smell the roses. There is a old Chinese saying that goes something like this "When all you are doing is running, take time to stop and look at the clouds".

Funnily enough, I said to him that as I was on my cell phone in Soho today; there was a white balloon flying higher and higher between the buildings. The way the light hit it was so beautiful, and that was a moment where I guess I took time to stop and look at the heavens/smell the roses/look at the clouds and all those cliche's which pretty much mean: slow the hell down!

So another day gone. 27 days until Paris. As I continue to walk through life taking each step with nothing but love

annie xx

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