Sunday, October 3, 2010

sleeplessness, unicorns and paris

It has become a very common occurence for me to face plant the floor in my breaks at work and fall into an hour long coma. Reason being I. AM. SO.FRICKEN.TIRED!!

Why do I have this overwhelming desire to work work work?? No big deal though because I have "goals" in mind and I know all this work leads to somewhere.

I met the minds behind lime crime make up at Irregular choice one day at work and to be honest...(this is kinda bad), but I didnt know who they were or much about the brand at all!!
However, one thing leads to another-business cards exchanged and this week I finally got my ass into gear and emailed them.
Blah blah blah, long story short. Awesome meeting with them and now im shooting the promotional material for their new product. Its an eyeshadow primer called "candy girl" primer.

To many of you, this may not sound exciting, but let me explain to you WHY this is awesome.

Lime crime is a brand that uses the idea of creating a "world" around the make up and injecting color and fantasy into the world. And I live my life in fantasy so what a great team we will make.

Their company logo is the unicorn and our store has a giant unicorn in the centre...Without revealing too much, the shoot is gonna involve the unicorn, oversized candy and oversized hair.

Im going to be working with some brilliant minds and the creative explosion is going to be huge.
I love fairytales.

Lets just say, Im tres excited :)

And what's this about Paris you ask???

I'm going to Paris in November for a vacation, as i think I need it. PLUS PLUS one of my favorite people in the world is there so Im going to go chill with him. Drink French wine, eat French food and be the bestest kiwi trash kid duo in the whole city.

I love it when the seasons change...although all this excitement makes me stay up all night, then stay sleepy all day :(

annie xx

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