Monday, October 25, 2010


One of the greatest things I love about music is its ability to hold onto a memory. When you listen to the musical catalyst for that memory its like your reliving it. 

Today, on the train I HAD to listen to this song reminds me of my crazy time in London when I lived there. 
I worked at this super fun store part time between Vogue and GQ shoots, with a super fun Polish dude-party promoter and music lover, a Punk Rock band singer, a school teacher, a single mother, and an older lady with tattoos all over her chest who specialized in eyelash extensions. 
Winter was slowly starting to set in. The sun was starting to set at around 4 in the afternoon, and I was wearing my fur coat on a daily basis. One night the Polish music lover and I were alone at work. He came upstairs to the stereo and played this......

God I love that album. Wicked album....awesome lyrics. These in particular resonate...

I've got to stand and fight
In this creation
Vanity I know
Can't guide I alone
I'm searching to find
A love that lasts all time
I've just got to find
Peace and unity
We both agreed that it was one of the best albums that we had heard, like ever. Then shared a bottle of vodka. Then went to a rave. It was awesome! 

Fun times I have had. Interesting people I have met. Lovely experiences. Hard times. Best of times. But damn, I have done a shit tonne of stuff! No wonder Im starting to go grey now :( 
But its all good, I have earned these grey hairs and Im kinda fond of them. I call them lois and phyllis and they are my pookie pooks. 

Are you one of those people who has soooo many memory songs that everytime one comes on your all "aww shit this is MY song, my jammy jam!" and apparently every second song is your jam. Then people are all like, shut up dude...every song is your song!
Ha well Im not like that. Id probably say that about a dozen songs do that for me. And when I hear them on my ipod, I like to close my eyes behind my KW eyewear, turn the volume way up on my Ricky Powell's and let the music tickle my ear lobes and once again live my memories, as I head onto my future. 

annie xx

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