Saturday, August 21, 2010


last night was awesome! I am definitely having a strong love affair with beer right now.

It just makes you feel so awesome..or is that being drunk in general?

So I chatted to my friend on skype before picking up 2 travellers to sip on during the train ride to meet my friend Bromson in the Lower East Side. He had just been on a date so he showed up a little tipsy. I had been sipping on coors light with my headphones on as loud as they could go so i was feeling fantastic also.
We met, had a big hug then looked at each other and said "im kinda drunk....lets have an awesome night"
Grabbed another traveller on the way to the bar, then got there and this place was pretentious as hell. Totally not our scene. Our friend Mike is leaving for DC today, and last night was his going away party at this place so we definitely had to go. But we were also keen to leave and go somewhere else that was a little more mellow.
Somehow, we decided it was a good idea to park ourselves up on a bench in the middle of the street between lanes. And actually, we loved it so much sitting outside and talking with our beers in paper bags that we stayed there all night. Watched the world go by....have beautiful conversation....Beautiful night.

Somehow ending up in a stolen slice of pizza at rays, yelling at the cab driver cos he got lost, then another skype conversation until the sun came up.

Maybe I shouldnt have done the last part....Or maybe, it was the perfect end to a great night and all its randomness.

My 3rd full new york moon is coming as well...which can only mean more transformations and crazy energy :)


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