Friday, August 6, 2010

New York dreams

new york city...the city of dreams right?
Thats why i came here anyway. Plus i love this city as its the only place in the world where it is minorly acceptable to wear a pink wig with a tutu to your day job with very little judgement from people.

Ive been thinking a lot about dreams recently (metaphorically and literally) Am i the only one chasing a dream and feeling frustrated because it isnt happening as quickly as I would like? Or does everyone feel that way?

The grass is always greener I suppose. Being a girl who has travelled loads, I can only look back on other experiences and places and think..."oh that was so much better than this"
However in reality, life goes up and life goes down. You have good days and bad. You meet good people and you meet bad...No matter where you are.

I guess today, I miss the antipodes and my special friends down in the southern hemisphere..I also miss being able to walk home from work instead of having to take the subway in summer, in new york!!!
its too hot down there :( no bueno

Tomorrow will be an AWESOME day. Despite going to work. I am gonna take my camera out with me...and see what I come back with

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