Monday, August 16, 2010


Underestimate the power of 2 things in life when your highly strung...
A good CRY and YELLING at someone random.
Unfortunately today, I pretty much did both. I was in a super hyper sensitive or angry mood, whatever the next minute brought to me i felt.
Almost had a tear, then got pissed off cos i didnt want to!. Then had one of those creepy new york train guys try his hardest to talk to me. The eyes of death didnt work, so in the end he copped the abuse, swearing and hands up in his face before i stormed off the train.

Soon after I got into cell reception, I laughed to myself then g chatted my totally ORSUM friend Kate who i knew would appreciate this.

And i have to say, that to yell at someone made me feel a million, trillion times better!!

SO the moral of the story is...If you feel rage, then yell. If you feel sad then cry. And as it turns out, new york is the best place in the world to be in rage because you are almost guaranteed not to see that person ever again :)

Unless you want to see someone again cos they are super hot...well then thats a damn shame


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