Tuesday, August 17, 2010


was a weird day. up and down, but in the end it was FLYYYYING

started off feeling absolutely awful and tired :( no good.
then get to my new old job and when waiting outside a fashion student asks to take a picture of me for my outfit for "future trends" that was really cute cos i felt yucky as hell today.

then start working the place i worked at when i first lived in new york...starting to overthink the situation, then realised that i neednt do so and that everyone goes back and forth with that job.

I guess I was frustrated, but then put my life into perspective. Maybe Im growing up!
Anyway, it was nice to be working at a place where the managers treat the staff nicely again.

It was nice to have good energy around me.
I also got a meeting for my latest email bombardement this week, and one in september so thats all good too!

left working feeling not tired and pretty stoked with the turn of events.

Have decided who to keep out of my life and who to bring in....Lets just say, there are going to be changes and it is all about what is going to be best for ME.
I am over putting other people (apart from my family and close soul mates) before me.

From now on, I think I will be a wee bit more selfish...in order to survive and maintain happiness.
I think that is how I would like to live from now on :)

K thanks bye xx

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