Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Have you ever heard the expression everything for a season?
Well today feels as if it is the first day of  a new season.. the weather got cold enough to wear a jacket (loving it btw). 

I recall a conversation I had with someone once. I was all freaking out because I wanted to hold onto the time I was having and I was feeling anxious about it coming to an end....they said "everything for a reason and for a season"

Now I see what they meant.

Now is the new season, and it feels AWESOME!!! Although a little strange.

AND after writing this post. I remember that is is  a full moon here in new york. And now this all makes so much sense!

I have been feelings as if shit is about to start happening. Getting inspired again....people interested in working with me.

Here is what I am looking at now...a few of them are my fave artist rae caesar. True genius:Born as a dog of course 


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