Friday, August 20, 2010


So my friend kate wrote a blog about food and how Orsum it is..and how it makes her happy for a minute before feeling empty again.
I definitely know that feeling my sweety Kate :( especially once every now and again where i swear to god , the only thing in the world that I want is to rip someones head off, then sit down with a peanut butter sandwich.

Peanut butter is so good by the way.

However, at the moment Im too busy for food and for the past 2 nights Ive been having a glass of milk for tea. And I know its unhealthy but whatever.

I have 2 sweet sweet days off IN A ROW and I am SO excited! Today I have a meeting at a studio, then tonight a going away party where I can literally HEAR the beer calling my name!

Its been a very full on week, much like every other week lately.

I must say, if there was a choice between what made me happier out of food or beer......I think Id pick the beer
Its lovely


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