Saturday, August 28, 2010


SO I'm not gonna lie. Ive been through some stuff...This year especially has been a HUGE year of breaking and growth. And Im finally happy to say that the darkness is lifting :)

Those of you who have been there through every step of the way-thank you and you all know who you are. There is no way I can ever explain my gratitude, however just know that I will forever return the love.

Its very hard to explain exactly what Im trying to tell the world right now...lets just say that I am finally seeing the world clearly and appreciating how beautiful the world can be. 
Everything happens for a reason. EVERYTHING

I was meant to be here in new york, as nothing and nowhere you ever live in this world will show you as much about yourself as this place. If you can survive it
A lot of people leave new york city as it can be a very dark place, and the saying is true that like attracts like.
If you become dark, you will attract that. But now.....I'm attracting all the love into my life, I can literally feel my body tingling with it.
Very surreal...

I had random moments where I listened to my intuition which has lead me to the people I know now and where I am in my life. I have to say....its awesome. 

Everyday random conversations I have with people I have met recently have been changing and shaping my life for the better. I now know that this was all meant to happen. 

I have imagined living here in this city ever since I was a little girl. And I let that vision manifest itself and become a reality. I knew I would always make it back here, and just as I knew that I also know that I will have the career that I want and find the love that I want. Because I IMAGINED it to happen. 

So with that said (and my john lennon picture binge), I will be visiting the John Lennon imagine area in central park (just for you mama) and listen to those die hard fans, and post the pictures. 

I will also have to post the pictures that I am taking for a super awesome magazine called "le black book" in australia. Just street style pics of the amazing every day people in this city....yes there are too many to count but I feel as if I can at least show you a snippet of the awesomeness that is NYC!!!

I also had a wicked convo with a kindred spirit that I have in this world...turns out we will be reuniting early in 2011. This news pleases me very much, and the fact that he may be residing here in new york with me is even better!!! yeeeeoowwww

Next blog wont be so emotional  I swear!!! haha

Ok so bye for now and just so you know....Art, Music and Love are all that matters in this life. 


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