Thursday, August 26, 2010

Monkey Sphere

Have you ever heard the term "monkey sphere"???

Apparently, it is the definition of your mind space. You can only keep 100 people in your monkey sphere at one point in time.
So I guess that means for 530 of my "friends" on fb....I will have to exclude you from my monkey sphere. Sorry.

Even though the term is meant to define people in the space, I have decided to include in this blog all the things that are fresh in my monkey sphere this morning. 

Last night there was a small gathering. It was awesome. LOUD LOUD music. Dancing like no one was watching, beers,and conversations about why we love new york so much. 
Oh and talks of boys of course!

The night ended on a walk to w4th where I found a bunch of vintage records which I will now hang in my room cos I love love album cover photography. 
It combines two great loves of my and music. 

So this morning the things in my monkey sphere are:

1) Colour colour colour in my outfits and make up ( i love blue eyes and pink lips)

2) Massive Attack "unfinished sympathy" such a great tune

3) The David Lachapelle exhibition opening back up on Sept 13 at "paul kasmin gallery"

4) Freedom...Im 100% totally free, always have and always will be

5) Love. Its all there is. I love to love and I love being loved.

till next time...


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