Friday, August 13, 2010

my love

Just another drunken night out at the most classy establishment in new york...down the hatch.
this statement is totally untrue. no matter what time of the night or day you go to this bar...the restroom always smells like wee and its pretty gross.
nonetheless, its a regular for me and my friends and its so bad that its good!

Someone is always winning an open bar and im always there on time for it. the very rare occasion where im on time for anything other than work.

Anyway, so im kinda nervous about drinking in general at the moment, because due to my recent stress it has made me feel a little anxious at some point in the night or the next day.

But not today.

I had SUCH a good night. Even though i have worked 8 days straight of 11 hour days in retail ( i know, its awful) I hadnt eaten dinner cos i didnt have time. Its hot and humid as hell and the list goes on.
It was so good to see my friends and have those conversations that somehow alter your perspective just a little bit. Sometimes people say things to you without knowing that its exactly what you need to hear.

And I love how everything can change in a new york minute. The expression holds true for sure.

I love concept. I love parody. I am deeply in love with art :)

love love xx

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